What we love Toruń for

What do we love Toruń for? Nearly eight centuries ago, a great adventure began which continues to this day. A few days after Christmas, in 1233, the City was born, which delights millions of visitors, kindly allowing you to discover its secrets. We love Toruń for the steel ribbon of the Vistula, cutting it in half, for the golden tips on the clock of the town hall clock, for the noise of the crowd and the streams of guests flowing through the beds of the Old Town streets. We love the curves of the Leaning Tower, the groans of streetcars entering the bend, the genius of Copernicus, and the peppery of the famous local specialties. For the exorbitancy of the Virgin Mary, the dumpiness of Saint. Janów, openwork of Saint. Jacob. For October at Kępa Bazarowa, May at Winnica, December at the Garrison Cemetery, when the unbelievable herds of rooks are covered by naked branches of trees. It must be said that the list is long. It was so long that if you turned it into a gingerbread scarf, it would reach the borders of the nearest, neighboring galaxy. We think that being a Toruń citisen is a great honor and credit. We pay back, telling about the city. Stop talking! Come on! It's time to move.

What can we do to make you love Toruń too?

Well, all you have to do is come. The city is and is amazing. However, if Dear Guests would need care and guidance of that already in love, we serve.

We organize full-day tours with museum reservations.

Or shorter thematic routes.


Tour for adults

You were probably in the City when you barely raised your head above the table. Yes it's true. Toruń is one of the most popular among young and even younger tourists. Even the gingerbread makes the kid will leave enchanted. Let's check what has changed in the last dozen or so dozens of years!

Since we are all adults, there will be stories with a peppery - not necessarily gingerbread - background. We will tell about scandals from before centuries, we will lead to places that at times visited the highest executioner, we will recall the chilling stories that we heard from the mouths of the oldest Torunians. Finally - we will suggest where to drink a beer so that it does not cost "touristy".

1. Express route 2 hours - price ... PLN. Defense walls, towers and gates, Leaning Tower, Old Town Market Square, Artus Court, Town Hall, Raftsman Fountain, Nicolaus Copernicus Statue, pillory-donkey, saint Jones' Cathedral, Nicolaus Copernicus House. Szeroka Street, Royal Route, Arch of Caesar, Collegium Maius.

2. Extended route up to 4 hours - price ... PLN. Defense walls, towers and gates, Leaning Tower, Old Town Square, Town Hall, Raftsman Fountain, Artus Court, Nicolaus Copernicus Statue, pillory-donkey, Saint Jones' Cathedral, house of Nicolaus Copernicus. Szeroka Street, Royal Route, Arch of Caesar, Collegium Maius. The ruins of the Teutonic castle, the church of the Virgin Mary, the New Town market, the Blue Apron Inn, the Saint. James church.

3. Pilgrimage route up to 6 hours - price .. PLN. price The Sanctuary of John Paul and the Star of the New Evangelization, Radio Maryja, Church of St. Josef and the monastery, monument to priest J.Popiełuszko, defense walls, towers and gates, Leaning Tower, Old Town Market Square, Town Hall, Raftsman Fountain, Artus Court, monument to Nicolaus Copernicus, pillory-donkey, Saint Jones' Cathedral, house of Nicolaus Copernicus. Szeroka Strret, Royal Route, the Arch of Caesar, Collegium Maius, Ruins of the Teutonic Castle, the church of the Virgin Mary, the New Town market, the Blue Apron Inn, St. James church.

Visiting for schools

Can you imagine a classroom equipped better than the City? We teach history, with support of the Old Town Hall, the Leaning Tower and the Monastery Gate. Biology in the Botanical Garden and Kępa Bazarowa island. Physics, mathematics and astronomy at the Copernicus House, the Planetarium and the astronomical observatory in neighboring Piwnice. We will also visit the Mill of Knowledge. A walk along Szeroka Street is an excellent class of knowledge about society and a colorful introduction to the wider sociology. We teach music in Chopin's Szafarnia, and a quick and energetic tour has a lot of physical education in it.

After the hardships of learning, only pleasure. Gingerbread baked in one of several workshops.

Route 1. Toruń in a nutshell - 2 hours - the most important monuments of Toruń. Leaning Tower, city walls, Old Town Hall, Artus Court, Donkey, St. Jones' Catedral, fountain with frogs, House of Nicolaus Copernicus, House under the Star.

Route 2. Legends trail - 3 hours - for the little ones - The legend about the leaning Tower.

  • A legend about a brave cat protecting the city walls.
  • Legend about Raftsman, who saved the city from frogs.
  • Legend about the Jordan Chef.
  • Legend obout the largest medieval bell.
  • And many other great stories.

Rout 3. For history trackers. Ask us for details!

  • An entrance to selected museums can be attached to each route.
  • House of Nicolaus Copernicus,
  • Living Gingerbread Museum
  • The Legend of Toruń House
  • Planetarium
  • Knight shows
  • Cruise

City games
King, queen, tower, bishop. All on the chessboard of the medieval quarters of historic downtown. We have been writing scenarios of role-playing games for years. Without much effort, you will become a hideously rich cloth merchant, a mute monk, the son of a mayor - a swindler, an executioner, or a shaking beggar. We are all pawns!

Knight shows - Guardhouse
One thing is worth it is to beat yourself! For swords and heavy armor, helmets and chain mail. Do you think that the life of a knight only smelled of adventure and romance? Try to put on your armor that probably weighs as much as yourself! Comfortably? So there are a few graceful movements with a sword that can not be held in one hand. Good luck, forged head!

Night sightseeing
When the stars in the sky gild, everything tastes different - the city too. The Vistula panorama of Torun is uncomarable to any other by day, and at night there are simply no words to describe it. Despite the late hours, the buzz continues. Summer restaurant gardens are bursting at the seams. This is a great time for a romantic walk and even better to listen to the stories with awe and thrill.

We will take willing and brawe enouhg to the place where even the police are afraid to go, and the knives and axes fly thickly, as in good stories about Indians.