Szeroka Street

The spatial backbone of the old Toruń, the street connecting the centre of the Old Town with the road leading to the New Town. Today, as there are no walls separating the towns, Szeroka Street smoothly turns into Queen Hedwig’s Street (Królowej Jadwigi), earlier known as Sadlarska, comfortably linking the squares of the Old and the New Town. Szeroka, together with Łazienna, Żeglarska or Mostowa, constitute the best contradiction to what is being continuously said about the supposedly narrow and romantic streets of the Old Toruń. Perhaps only Ciasna Street, or Szewska, fit in this sugar-coated definition. The town was marked out with a swing, but also with a great dose of reserve.

The houses standing on the street portray an almost full overview through the history of architecture. What dominates, however, are the town houses dressed up in costumes from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Let us not be mistaken! They’re all just outfits. Once we take off all the fin-de-siècle dresses, we will discover what’s most exciting – the Gothic, medieval underwear. Numerous polychromed ceilings and paintings unveil the houses’ rich history.