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We think that being a Torunian is a great honor!

About us

Out of love for the city, a guide office was established. Fall in love with Toruń. We love this city with all our heart and with its heart we show its beauty. We know in Toruń every stone and every brick, nooks and crannies that not all tourists reach. Toruń is an unusual city, full of secrets and monuments yet undiscovered. These are fragrant gingerbreads of narrow streets and romantic cafes. This great beauty was recognized in 1997 and since that time Toruń is a city on the UNESKO list. Thanks to us, you will get to know all the attractions.

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Discover the charms of the medieval city.


We already love Toruń! And what can we do to make you love Him? Well, all you have to do is come. The city is and is amazing. However, if Dear Guests would need care and guidance already in love, we serve.