Trips for children

Can you imagine a classroom equipped better than the City? We teach history, with support of the Old Town Hall, the Leaning Tower and the Monastery Gate. Biology in the Botanical Garden and Kępa Bazarowa island. Physics, mathematics and astronomy at the Copernicus House, the Planetarium and the astronomical observatory in neighboring Piwnice. We will also visit the Mill of Knowledge. A walk along Szeroka Street is an excellent class of knowledge about society and a colorful introduction to the wider sociology. We teach music in Chopin's Szafarnia, and a quick and energetic tour has a lot of physical education in it.

After the hardships of learning, only pleasure. Gingerbread baked in one of several workshops.

Route 1. Toruń in a nutshell - 2 hours - the most important monuments of Toruń. Leaning Tower, city walls, Old Town Hall, Artus Court, Donkey, St. Jones' Catedral, fountain with frogs, House of Nicolaus Copernicus, House under the Star.

Route 2. Legends trail - 3 hours - for the little ones - The legend about the leaning Tower.

  • A legend about a brave cat protecting the city walls.
  • Legend about Raftsman, who saved the city from frogs.
  • Legend about the Jordan Chef.
  • Legend obout the largest medieval bell.
  • And many other great stories.

Rout 3. For history trackers. Ask us for details!

  • An entrance to selected museums can be attached to each route.
  • House of Nicolaus Copernicus,
  • Living Gingerbread Museum
  • The Legend of Toruń House
  • Planetarium
  • Knight shows
  • Cruise